1. Peking Duck Spring Roll£3.50Add +Shredded peking duck spring rolls with spring onions, carrots, julienne and hoisin suace
2. Jalapeno Flamers£5.00Add +Green jalapeno peppers, filled with soft cheese in a crisp nacho bread crumb
3. Chilli Beef Flamer£5.00Add +Green jalapeno peppers, filled with chilli beef in a crisp nacho bread crumb
3. Margherita£4.60Add +Cheese and tomato
4. Create Your Own£4.60Add +Start with margherita base and add toppings of your choice, price per topping shown below
5. Hawaiian£5.20Add +Ham and pineapple
6. Ham & Mushroom£5.20Add +
7. Pepperoni£5.20Add +
8. Garlic Sausage£5.20Add +
9. Tuna Sweetcorn£5.20Add +
10. Doner Pizza£5.80Add +Doner meat and mushrooms
11. Hot & Spicy£5.80Add +Pepperoni, beef, onion and jalapenos
12. Spicy Chicken£5.80Add +Cajun chicken, onion and jalapenos
13. Sweety Pizza£5.80Add +Chicken, pineapple and sweetcorn
14. Toscana£5.80Add +Ham, mushroom, onion and green peppers
15. Veggie Pizza£6.50Add +Mushroom, sweetcorn, onion, peppers and tomato
16. BBQ Chicken£6.50Add +BBQ base, chicken, peppers and pineapple
17. Texan£6.50Add +BBQ base, chicken, ham, onion and peppers
18. Craggys Snack£6.50Add +Ham, pepperoni and mushroom
19. Sweet & Sour Chicken£6.50Add +Sweet chilli sauce, chicken and pineapple
20. Padrino£6.50Add +Salami, pepperoni and garlic
21. Combo Salami£7.00Add +Pepperoni, salami and garlic sausage
22. Hot Lips
£7.00Add +
Doner, spicy beef, jalapenos and crunchy chillies
23. Seafood£7.00Add +Tuna, prawns, anchovies and red onion
24. Meat Feast£7.00Add +Pepperoni, chicken, beef and ham
25. Meatball Feast BBQ£7.00Add +Sauce, meatballs, pepperoni, ham and chicken
26. BBQ Meat Feast£7.00Add +BBQ base, doner, pepperoni, chicken and beef
25. DIY Pizza£7.00Add +5 toppings of your choice
26. Half & Half Pizza£7.00Add +
Garlic Bread
1. Pizza Base Garlic Bread£3.50Add +
2. Pizza Base Garlic Bread with Cheese£4.50Add +
3. Pizza Base Garlic Bread with Tomato£3.50Add +
4. Garlic Bread (5) with Cheese£3.50Add +
5. Garlic Bread (5)£2.50Add +
6. Special Garlic Bread£5.80Add +Cheese, doner, mushroom and ham
1. Calzone Kiev£7.50Add +Chicken, mushroom and garlic
2. Calzone Doner£7.50Add +Doner meat and onion
3. Calzone Veggie£8.00Add +Onion, mushroom, sweetcorn and peppers
4. Calzone Meat Feast£8.50Add +Pepperoni, ham, doner meat and beef
5. BBQ Calzone£8.50Add +BBQ base, chicken, ham, doner meat and beef
6. Hot Lips Calzone£8.50Add +Spicy beef, pepperoni, jalapenos and onion
7. Sweet & Sour Calzone£8.50Add +Sweet chilli sauce, chicken, pineapple and beef
Fried Chicken
1 Piece of Chicken£1.40Add +
2 Pieces of Chicken£2.50Add +
3 Pieces of Chcken£3.80Add +
4 Pieces of Chicken£5.50Add +
2 Pieces of SFC Meal£5.00Add +2 pieces of chicken, served with chips and drink
3 Pieces of SFC Meal£6.00Add +3 pieces of chicken, served with chips and drink
Hot Wings (4)£2.50Add +
Hot Wings (6)£3.70Add +
Hot Wings (10)£5.50Add +
Hot Wings (15)£7.50Add +
All kebabs served with pitta bread, salad and sauce
1. Lamb Doner£5.00Add +Lamb finely minced, seasoned and cooked on an upright spear, served in wafer thin slices
2. Chicken Doner£5.50Add +
3. Mixed Doner£6.50Add +
4. Chicken Shish£5.50Add +Marinated cubes of chicken skewered then grilled over the charcoal
5. Lamb Shish£6.00Add +Marinated cubes of lamb, seasoned and charcoal grilled on a skewer
6. Kofte£5.00Add +Minced lamb, chopped onions nd green pepper, finely seasoned and pressed over the entire length of the skewer and grilled over the charcoal
7. Doner Meat & Chips£5.50Add +
8. Chicken Doner Meat & Chips£6.00Add +
9. Mixed Meat & Chips£5.50Add +
10. Combination Kebab£7.50Add +Any two kebab meats
11. Mixed Grill£8.50Add +2 skewers of your choice and doner or chicken doner meat
12. House Special£13.00Add +1 skewer shish, 1 skewer lamb shish, 1 skewer kofte, lamb doner, chicken doner and 2 lamb chops
1. Beef Burger£3.00Add +
2. Cheese Burger£3.20Add +
3. Chicken Fillet Burger£3.70Add +
4. Grilled Chicken Burger£4.50Add +Marinated with special sauce and charcoal grilled
5. Hawaiian Burger£3.50Add +Cheeseburger with pineapple
6. Veggie Burger£3.00Add +
7. Egg Burger£4.30Add +Cheeseburger, egg and bacon
8. Bacon Burger£4.30Add +
9. Tower Burger & Chips£5.50Add +Chicken burger with 2 hash browns
10. Star Special Burger£7.20Add +Quarter pounder burger, chicken burger, 2 slices bacon, 2 slices cheese and chips
11. Mega Burger£7.00Add +3 x quarter pounder cheese burger, fried chicken, peppers and mushrooms
12. Texas Burger & Chips£8.99Add +
13. Steak Burger & Chips£8.99Add +
14. Gourmet Burger & Chips£8.99Add +
15. Chicken Bacon Burger£8.99Add +Chicken fillet, cheese and slice of bacon
1. Spaghetti & Carbonara£6.00Add +Spaghetti with bolognese, tomato sauce and cheese
2. Spaghetti & Carbonara£6.00Add +Spaghetti cooked ham, mushrooms, tomato sauce and cheese
3. Chicken Pollo Pasta£6.00Add +Spaghetti cooked with chicken, mushrooms, tomato sauce and cheese
4. Macroni Cheese Croquettes£6.00Add +Macroni in mozzarella and cheddar cheese sauce cooked in crispy breadcrumbs
5. Tortiglioni Pasta£6.00Add +Pasta with roast chicken in creamy pesto sauce
6. Conchiglie Pasta£6.00Add +Pasta with chicken and horizon
7. Lasagne Pasta£6.00Add +Pasta layered with bolognese sauce and cheese
Veggie Samosa£5.50Add +
Veggie Spring Rolls£5.50Add +
Vegan Falafel Sausage£5.50Add +
All Burrito's are cooked with special Mexican salsa sauce, green peppers, onions and jalapenos. Served with salad, chips and 2 pittas
1. Chicken & Bacon Burrito£6.80Add +
2. Beef Burrito£6.80Add +
3. Mix Burrito£7.20Add +Chicken and beef
4. Meaty Burrito£8.00Add +Doner meat, beef, ham and chicken
5. Veggie Burrito£8.00Add +Tomato, sweetcorn and mushroom
1. Doner Wrap£5.00Add +
2. Chicken Doner Wrap£5.50Add +
3. Chicken Shish Wrap£5.50Add +
4. Lamb Shish Wrap£5.50Add +
5. Mixed Wrap£6.50Add +Any choice of 2 kebab meats
6. Chip Wrap£3.50Add +
7. Wrap Meal£7.80Add +Any wrap, chips and drink
8. Meatball Melt Wrap£6.00Add +Mozzarella, meatballs, lettuce, onion and sauce
9. BBQ Chicken Melt Wrap£6.00Add +Mozzarella, chicken, lettuce, onion and BBQ sauce
10. Chicken Caesar Wrap£6.00Add +Chicken goujons, mozzarella, sweetcorn, lettuce and cucumber
11. Tuna Sweetcorn Wrap£6.00Add +Tuna mayo, mozzarella, sweetcorn, lettuce and cucumber
12. BBQ Bacon Cheese Wrap£6.00Add +Chicken goujons, lettuce and cucumber
13. Jerk Chicken Cheese Wrap£6.00Add +Seasonal chicken, mozzarella, lettuce, onion and jerk sauce
14. Greek Style Veggie Wrap£6.00Add +Green peppers, red onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, feta cheese, lemon juice and olive oil
15. Fajita Chicken Wrap£6.00Add +
Cooked with cheese. Served with salad, mayo and chips
1. Classic Parmesan£7.20Add +
2. Doner Parmesan£8.50Add +
3. Hawaiian Parmesan£8.50Add +Ham and pineapple
4. Pepperoni Parmesan£9.50Add +
5. Fully Meat Parmesan£9.50Add +Doner meat, pepperoni, ham and beef
6. Hot Chicken Parmesan£8.80Add +With cajun, pepperoni, onions and jalapenos
7. Kiev Parmesan£8.50Add +With ham, mushrooms and garlic
Individual Meals
1. Ribs Meal£5.00Add +6 ribs, 4 hot wings, chips and drink
2. Mega Value Meal£5.80Add +2 pieces of chicken, chips, doner meat, salad, sauce and drink
3. Bacon Combo£5.00Add +2 slices bacon, 2 hash brown, 2 slices cheese, chips and drink
4. Chicken Special£6.00Add +2 pieces of chicken, 4 wings, 2 strips, chips and drink
5. Tasty Chicken Feast Meal£6.00Add +2 pieces of chicken, 4 nuggets, chips and drink
All omelettes served with chips and salad
1. Plain Omelette£3.50Add +
2. Ham Omelette£4.50Add +
3. Chicken Omelette£4.50Add +
4. Special Omelette£5.50Add +A bit of everything
5. Cheese Omelette£4.50Add +
6. Bacon Omelette£4.50Add +
Jacket Potato
1. Jacket Potato with Coleslaw£2.50Add +
2. Jacket Potato with Tuna Sweetcorn£3.50Add +
3. Jacket Potato with Cheese & Onion£3.50Add +
4. Jacket Potato with Cheese & Beans£3.50Add +
5. Jacket Potato with Con Carne£3.50Add +
1. Breaded Haddock£4.50Add +
2. Scampi (10) & Chips£4.50Add +
3. Atlantic Cod£4.50Add +Coated in light lemon and pepper flavoured crumb
4. Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger£4.50Add +
5. Crab Cakes£4.50Add +
6. Grilled Fish£4.50Add +
All Paninis served with chips and drink
1. Cheese Panini£3.50Add +
2. Cheese & Onion Panini£3.50Add +
3. Pepperoni Panini£3.50Add +
4. Ham Panini£3.50Add +
5. Egg & Cheese Panini£4.00Add +
1. Sirloin Steak£10.00Add +Served with mushrooms, onion rings and salad
1. Classic Vegetable Salad£4.00Add +Made with wedges, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, red onions, olives, typically seasoned with salt dried oregano and dressed with olive oil
2. Chicken Salad£3.50Add +Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and chicken
3. Tuna Salad£4.00Add +Tuna mayo, lettuce and onions
4. Greek Salad£4.00Add +Feta cheese, lettuce, onions and tomato
5. Tossed Salad£4.00Add +Made with tomato, cucumber, onions, carrots seasoned with vinegar, olive oil, black peppers, salt and a bit sugar
6. Prawn Cocktails Salad£4.00Add +Tomato, spring onions, lettuce, marinated with olive oil, mayo and ketchup
Chips£1.70Add +
Chips & Cheese£3.50Add +
Chips, Cheese & Gravy£4.00Add +
Chips, Cheese & Curry£4.00Add +
Onion Rings (10)£2.50Add +
Hashbrown (4)£3.00Add +
Garlic Mushrooms (10)£4.00Add +
Curly Chips£3.00Add +
Chips with Pitta£2.50Add +
Sausage & Chips£3.00Add +
Hot Dog£2.50Add +
Wedges£2.00Add +
Coleslaw£0.90Add +
Chicken Nuggets (10) & Chips£4.60Add +
Mozarella Sticks (6) & Chips£5.00Add +
Pot Dip£0.80Add +
Kids Meals
All kids meals served with chips, beans, chocolate bar and ribena
Kids Burger Meal£4.00Add +
Kids Nuggets Meal£4.00Add +
Kids Sausage Meal£4.00Add +
Kids Fish Finger Meal£4.00Add +
Kids Doner Meal£4.00Add +
Kids Mix Meal£3.50Add +2 nuggets, 2 smiley faces and 2 dinosaurs
Kids Meal Omelette£3.50Add +
Meal Deals
Kebab Meal 1£6.00Add +Any small kebab, chips and drink
Kebab Meal 2£13.50Add +Any 2 small kebab, 2 x chips and bottle of drink
Star Big Pack£15.90Add +Any 14" pizza, 4 pieces of chicken, 4 hot wings, 2 x dips, onion rings and bottle of drink
Pizza Meal 1£12.50Add +Any 12" pizza, any 9" pizza and bottle of drink
Mix Deal 1£17.90Add +2 x quarter pounder cheese burgers and chips, 2 x medium doner kebabs, onion rings and bottle of drink
Chicken Burger Meal£5.50Add +Chicken fillet burger, chips and drink
Cheese Burger Meal£5.40Add +Cheese burger, chips and drink
Family Meal£17.00Add +8 pieces of chicken, 2 x chips, coleslaw, onion rings and bottle of drink
Any 2 x 9" Pizzas£9.90Add +
Any 2 x 12" Pizzas£13.00Add +
Any 2 x 14" Pizzas£15.00Add +
Ben & Jerry Ice Cream£4.99Add +
Vanila Ice Cream£2.50Add +
Sandwich£2.50Add +With chocolate chips, cookies, and fudge cake
Carrot Cake£3.00Add +
Chocolate Cake£3.00Add +
Cheesecake£3.00Add +
Cans£0.80Add +330ml
Milkshake£1.50Add +
Bottles£2.20Add +1.5ltr
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